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It's with a heavy heart that Sky Haven Egyptian Arabians will be closing the door on our breeding program and placing all the horses up for sale.

We will always be a part of the wonderful world of Egyptian Arabian horses and have cherished the years we've had, taking lots of pride in our breeding program and the horses we have produced.

Please contact us if you would like to add some of our bloodline to you breeding program.
Reasonable offers considered.

SkyHaven Egyptian Arabians is pleased to offer an on farm broodmare lease option to the supremely bred straight Egyptian mare...read more>>

Thank you for your interest and time in visiting our website.  We understand and know that you have many choices of Arabian horse sites to select from.  We hope that you enjoy our horses and our way of living with them.  If by chance that one of them awakens a part of your soul, we would be pleased to visit with you about them.

     SkyHaven Arabians is located in the small farming community of Deer Park , WA., just 20 minutes north of Spokane , WA . and the Spokane International Airport is convenient to the farm.  This portion of the great Northwest gives us the opportunity to enjoy the four seasons and clean mountain air.

     The farm consists of 20 open acres of green pastures with enclosed shelters so the horses have plenty of room to be "just horses"!  The pastures give the room for the young foals to stretch and play at their leisure, while learning how to interact with others that may be with them.

     Our foaling barn is equipped with a camera so that we can monitor the mare as she gets ready to foal and be be available if she needs assistance.  As each precious foal emerges into the new world we are there to greet and introduce them to their human counterpart.  Each one is lovingly imprinted giving them the human feel and smell.  The feel is soft and reassuring, setting the stage for awareness and acceptance.  We believe this goes a long way in the future training and open mind of the foal as he develops.  The gentle feel of human to horse and horse to human is the basis for everything else.

     The Egyptian Arabian really is like no other.  His magnificent beauty has been the object of intrigue, mystery and romance for 3000 years.  He is the precursor of almost every light horse in the world today.  These special horses were raised closely with their Bedouin masters in their tents and always have been a symbol of spiritual blessing.  Is it any wonder why they can render us speechless and filled with emotion as the prance gleefully before each other, showing off their nobility and regal air.  Our greatest gift is getting to know them up close and personal.  Their ability to bond with their human caretakers is like no other.

     Breeding is an art and each mating is carefully selected to bring out the best of the sire and dam to produce a foal that is better than the parents.  Along with our selective breeding we take the time to produce an individual with mental softness and willingness to be with humans thru their keen curiosity.  The early grooming and ground training is done without tack at liberty.  They are free to leave at any time, which they do occasionally, but they do come back.  We use the art of play with each short training session, this provides each individual with a moment to moment learning of new directed movement.  Ending the session with mental relaxation of playing with a ball or follow the leader.  After a few days of this ritual they yearn for their lessons each day. 

     Wherever you are at in life's journey, whether it be as a breeder or maybe just wanting to connect with that special horse to make your life richer, we would be pleased to help you.


SkyHaven Mares
Our Mares
Our Mares

SkyHaven has a group of hight quality mares from the bloodlines of Simeon Shai, The Minstril, SH Gazhal and Thee Desperado.

  SkyHaven Stallion
Our Stallion
Shais Crown Prince

His pedigree reflects a line bred *Simeon Shai blended with the highly prized lines of Shamruk, Abenehtep and *Ibn Hafiza. 

  Quality Arabians
Arabians for Sale
Arabians for Sale

SkyHaven has several high quality individuals for your consideration.




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