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6/17/2005 - 01/09/2018

(SH Gazhal x VP Shaimiss)

Foaled June 17, 2005
Bay Straight Egyptian Stallion

Hadban Inzahi in Strain
Al Khamsa

SCID and CA Clear


In the early morning dawn a shinning Prince was born to VP Shaimiss and SH Gazhal.  When I first set my eyes on him, I was sure he was a filly, as he was so delicate and refined at just minutes old.  He was precocious!

     As the weeks went by one could see him grow into quite a show off and with just the slightest encouragement of "Oh, Such A Pretty Boy" he would throw his head up, flag the tail and proceed to strut around his domain.

     Prince grew from a gorgeous baby into a stunning young stallion with a very charismatic aura that surrounds him.  His intelligence was amazing and as a result he was very easy to train, truly a gifted athlete!  His kind and gentle nature made him a joy to be around.  He loved his hugs and when you threw your arms around him he drew you closer to him for a bigger hug.

     At six years of age Prince stood at 15 hands and matured to 15-1 hands.  He had a very smooth, balanced body with a lovely top line and strong hip.  Nice free movement with an exaggerated high step.  His neck was very shapely with a refined head, large, dark and gentle expressive eyes.  He had the refinement and look that Simeon Shai is so famous for.    

     His pedigree reflected a line bred *Simeon Shai blended with the highly prized lines of Shamruk, Abenehtep and *Ibn Hafiza.   He was a sum total of his illustrious pedigree that is known for its beauty, brains and charisma.  His tail female line goes back to the Bedouin mare Vensus and his tail male lines goes back to Hind.  Needless to say, his pedigree epitomizes the best of Egyptian Arabian breeding lines.  He was a genetic power-house!


Shais Crown Prince as a weanling



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Prince's first foal

A new addition to SkyHaven Egyptian Arabians arrived June 7, 2012 and is a stunning grey colt. The combination of Thee Jewel and Shais Crown Prince turned out to be a great cross and the colt is the best of both dam and sire. This is Prince's first foal and we couldn't be more pleased. It is quite evident that the quality of both parents and their blood lines has come thru to our young man. He will be carrying on the rare strain of the Shuweyman Sabbah.

His pending name is Raheem Malik, which in Arabic means compassionate ruler/king. The photo was taken at 16 days of age. A video will follow shortly.


Raheem Malik (Pending)
(Shais Crown Prince x Thee Jewel)


Prince's second foal

Norah (Pending)
(Shais Crown Prince x Thee Jewel)
(Thee Desperado x Neefa)

Norah is a 2014 straight Egyptian grey filly owned by Mohammed Al-tammi.

Shais Crown Prince Pedigree










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